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Attempt to Extort Favors and Cash
Click on the following link, and you can hear a recording of someone leaving a message on my answering machine, trying to force me to do him favors and give him money in exchange for him not slandering me to the authorities:
The phone call recorded in the link above, was all about a very petty matter: three days earlier, he had overpaid me by $12 for a little work I did for him using my SUV. It was just a $12 overpayment made 3 days earlier, and yet he left a message ferociously demanding things.
In response, all I can say, is that: when persons who are riding in my car who I am doing a favor to, get rude with me, I get angry; when they start to wrestle with me when I am behind the wheel, I take action.
What kind of person allows himself to be pressured into giving someone money and doing favors for them?
At the following link, you can find take 1 of my response to such threats:
@2009 David Virgil Hobbs