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Transcript of my free chat with a Hewlett Packard (HP) technician, re a CD that would not run in an HP Computer
I went online at at 330 AM in the morning, and immediately without delay got a Hewlett Packard (HP) technician chatting with me. We chatted for about 70 minutes re the problem. I was not hassled re having bought the HP computer chatted about a few years ago. I did not have to pay anything. Such is the kind of service I expect with a computer that cost more than $1000, and which is a complicated device. It is silly IMHO, to expect that only persons with friends and relatives in the computer field, shall be able to make full use of the many features of a computer.
The problem had to do with a Samsung Monitor Users Manual CD not running on my HP m1160n Mediacenter computer.
Here is the transcript of the chat:

David Hobbs : I got a new Samsung 2343 BWX monitor. It came with a CD that does not run in either the DVD or the CD drive in my HP m1160n Mediacenter computer. The CD and DVD drives in the m1160n work fine for other CDs; the Samsung CD works in other computers
[An agent will be with you shortly.]
[You are now chatting with Sebastian .]
David Hobbs : Hello, one sec
Sebastian : Welcome to HP Total Care for Desktop. My name is Sebastian. I will be your Technical Support Specialist today. Please allow me a few moments while I read your review your issue description details.

NOTE: For security reasons, please do not send credit card information via chat.

David Hobbs : The message I always get attempting to run the Samsung CD in the HP m1160n is: "only part of a readprocessmemory or writeprocessmemory request was completed".

Sebastian : May I know your e-mail Id .
David Hobbs : my email address is
Sebastian : Thank you for the information
Sebastian : Please provide me 2-3 minutes while I will check on the issue
David Hobbs : I was able to download to the HP m1160n the Samsung 2343 BWX driver, by finding and running the setup program in the Samsung CD contents on the HP m1160n.

However the Samsung CD as a whole does not run in the HP m1160n which bothers me.

The Samsung monitor controls software 'Magictunes' would not install on to the HP m1160n, after installation was supposedly completed, I was given the message that the 'Magictunes' is not compatible with the HP computer system.

Sebastian : David please check and confirm if the CD\DVD drive can read other CDs and DVDs or not
Sebastian : We need to isolate the issue assisted with .
David Hobbs : Like I said, "The CD and DVD drives in the m1160n work fine for other CDs".
Sebastian : Okay
Sebastian : Let me check
Sebastian : Thank you for your time David
David Hobbs : What you mean this is the end you havent told me anything
Sebastian : May I please have the product and serial number of your system on which you have the issue? This information will help me pull up the relevant details needed to troubleshoot the issue.
Sebastian : If you are chatting from the same system, the best and fastest way to pull up this information would be via pressing the CTRL + ALT + S keys at the same time.
David Hobbs : The serial number is mxk44034RB. Not sure if the zero is a capital O.
David Hobbs : There is also a system number given where the serial number is given: PJ473AA-ABA
Sebastian : Thank you for the information
Sebastian : Could you please provide me 3 minutes more to research on the issue
David Hobbs : OK
Sebastian : Thank you
Sebastian : David, the issue you are facing is with your CD\DVd drive so you need to update the driver of your computer
Sebastian : Please do the following steps
Sebastian : Click on start
Sebastian : Then type in "devmgmt.msc"
Sebastian : in the run box and hit enter
Sebastian : You will get the device manager window
Sebastian : Let me know when you are done
David Hobbs : Done
Sebastian : Then click on the + sign beside the option "CD\DVD rom drive"
Sebastian : It will expand the sub options
Sebastian : Provide me the name of the device entries under the CD\DVD rom drive
David Hobbs : done. ASUS CD-S480/AH; LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-832S
Sebastian : Okay
Sebastian : then right click on the LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-832S and select update driver
David Hobbs : done. result is the hardware update wizard. problem is that the HP computer with the problem, is not connected to the internet. And I do not intend to connect it to the internet. I am a using a Dell Optiplex connected to the computer to chat with you, and running the HP computer through a KVM switch
Sebastian : Okay
Sebastian : Then you need to connect the HP computer to internet to update the driver
Sebastian : Please wait
Sebastian : I will provide you a firmware update for your CD\DVD drive
David Hobbs : My policy is to never connect the HP to the internet.
Sebastian : That might assist you in resolving your issue.
Sebastian : Let me check if the driver is available in HP or not
David Hobbs : You have been talking about the DVDRW; but this disk works fine in the CD drive on my Dell computer.
Sebastian : Yes
Sebastian : You are correct
Sebastian : I am telling about the CD\DVD drive of the HP computer
Sebastian : You need to update it's driver
Sebastian : Do not worry
David Hobbs : LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-832S sounds like a dvd drive to me. You told me to right click on it
David Hobbs : I figure this problem samsung cd should run on the cd drive of the hp if everything is right
Sebastian : We will reinstall the driver for the Asus CD drive also
Sebastian : Yes
Sebastian : It will work
David Hobbs : You believe a reinstall is necessary, even though the drives are functioning fine with all the other cds and dvds
David Hobbs : Are you sure the problem is not simply that the problem samsung cd, contains a software, magictunes, that is not compatible with the HP computer system?
Sebastian : We will reinstall the driver and if you get the same issue with the drive then it is the issue with the disk . I mean the drive can not read the samsung disk
David Hobbs : I need to do this through downloading on to the dell computer, and then using flash drive to transfer the drive to the HP computer
Sebastian : Yes
Sebastian : You can
Sebastian : Please open the following link
Sebastian :
Sebastian : Please open the link
David Hobbs : Good. but I am not sure what to do once I get the drives to the dell HP computer
Sebastian : And select the "download only" button
David Hobbs : did what u sed, got "Lite-On SOHW-832S 8X DVD+/-R/RW Drive Firmware Update"
Sebastian : save it on the desktop
Sebastian : Yes
David Hobbs : it has been saved to the desktop
Sebastian : Please open the below link to install the firmwire update for the Asus drive
Sebastian :
Sebastian : Please open the link
Sebastian : And click on the download only
Sebastian : Then save the downloaded file on the desktop
Sebastian : Then go to the device manager page of the HP computer
David Hobbs : It saved to dt also
Sebastian : And select the Lite-On SOHW-832S option and then right click on it and select the "scan for any hardware changes"
David Hobbs : Now I have to transfer the drives to the hp using flash drive, no?
Sebastian : Yes you will install it
Sebastian : Before it we need to reinstall the driver for the drives
David Hobbs : scanned lite-on for hardware changes on HP computer
Sebastian : So do the followings
Sebastian : Okay
David Hobbs : also scanned asus for hardware changes
Sebastian : Good
Sebastian : David after the reinstallation of the firmware update if the issue does not resolves then you need to connect the computer to the internet and update the driver for the CD\DVD drives
Sebastian : And let me know whether the CD\DVD drive can read any other samsung drives or not ?
Sebastian : let me know whether the CD\DVD drive can read any other samsung disks or not ?
David Hobbs : I now have the drives transferred to the HP computer, on the flash drive. I do not know what to do next, do not know re how to install these drives on to the HP computer.
Sebastian : Please connect the flash drive to the HP computer and then open the flash drive from "My computer"
Sebastian : And then you are able to view the 2 downloaded files on it
Sebastian : Then double click on each file to install on the computer
Sebastian : Let me know when you are done
David Hobbs : This has been done, I see the two files, 26388.exe, and sp26403.exe
Sebastian : Great
Sebastian : Now please double click on each file to install
Sebastian : And do it one by one
David Hobbs : I double clicked on the 26388.exe, the Asus driver, it is giving me a message that I need either a blank floppy diskette or a blank cd disc to update the firmware of the drive. It says, select floppy diskette or cd disc, and press ok. It will take me a couple of minutes to find a blank cd disk.
Sebastian : David did you install any update from the Microsoft
David Hobbs : I have inserted a blank CD into the HP CD drive
Sebastian : Let me know when you are done
David Hobbs : I estimate you mean did I install any MS update of the disc drivers after I bought the computer. Dont know. MS was always auto updating stuff when the HP was online
David Hobbs : But now the blank cd-rw is in the dell. I am looking at the message box to select floppy diskette or dc disc and press ok
Sebastian : You need to update the HP computer with latest updates and can install the service pack 2 update
David Hobbs : Oops, I mean the blank CD is in the HP.
Sebastian : This will resolve the issue
David Hobbs : I think the HP already has the service pack 2 update.
Sebastian : All issue are happening are due to the fact you are not updating the HP computer and not connecting it to the internet
David Hobbs : The HP is now telling me that the file to create the firware update boot cd disc is located in c softpaq sp36388 directory. use recordnow, or similar, to make the cd disc to run the fw update program.
Sebastian : Please connect the computer to the internet and install the latest update
Sebastian : No
Sebastian : Do not do it
Sebastian : You can directly install it if you connect to the computer to internet
David Hobbs : I already told you, that I do not connect the hp to the computer. and you said you would show me how to update the drivers without connecting. that is what we are doing now.
Sebastian : And install latest updates from microsoft as well as from the Microsoft'
David Hobbs : what does fw update program mean, i dont know what the fw stands for
David Hobbs : no do not do what???
Sebastian : To do this you need to create a bootable disk for the update and that will be most tough task for you
Sebastian : So it will be easy to install the update by connecting the computer to the internet
Sebastian : and install the updates from HP as well as from Microsoft
David Hobbs : I intend to get used to learning how to update things without connecting to the internet
Sebastian : This will resolve the issue
Sebastian : I will suggest you to connect the computer to internet and install all the updates that will resolve the issue completely
Sebastian : Is there anything else that I may assist you with ?
David Hobbs : One minute please
David Hobbs : I am looking at a message box that says:
David Hobbs : Asus CD-S480/A4 48X CD-ROM Firmware Update
David Hobbs : The message box says:
David Hobbs : The file to create the firmware update bood cd disc is located in the c softpaq sp26388 directory. Use recordnow, or similar, to make the cd disc to run the fw update program.
David Hobbs : the message box gives me the option of clicking OK
Sebastian : Okay
David Hobbs : so what should I do, just click OK, and give up, as this will be to complicated for me if I do not simply connect to the internet?
Sebastian : If you are unable to do it then you need to connect the computer with the internet
Sebastian : And then install the update
David Hobbs : So you are saying that creating the firmware update boot cd disc is complicated, and you do not intend to show me how this is done
Sebastian : Yes
Sebastian : Is there any issue with connecting the HP computer with the internet ?
Sebastian : Without connecting to internet you can not update the driver and install the updates
David Hobbs : But I thank you for having been the best customer service help of the many Ive interacted with re this problem
Sebastian : In order to resolve the issue you need to install the updtes for the computer from HP as well as from microsoft
David Hobbs : But at the beginning of our chat tonight, you were basically saying that it would be possible to update, by transferring the files you had me download, from the dell that is connected to the internet to the hp that is not.
Sebastian : I have checked it
David Hobbs : have you changed your mind?
Sebastian : And found it is the issue with not updating the computer with latest security updates
Sebastian : You need to install the latest security updates from microsoft and the firmware update from the HP website
David Hobbs : and these security updates, can only be done through connection of the offline hp computer to the internet? cannot be done through transferring downloaded security updates from the online dell to the offline hp?
Sebastian : Yes
David Hobbs : I am sophisticated enough to realize that true privacy is attained only through a computer that never connects to the internet
Sebastian : It only be done by connecting the computer to internet and so that the update will check your computer for the compatibility
Sebastian : And then install the suitable update for you
Sebastian : You can use various options on the internet to protect your computer data .
Sebastian : Is there anything else that I may assist you with ?
David Hobbs : I am impressed by this HP chat help I have been using. I got a live chat person as soon as I logged on, and was not hassled re how long ago I bought the HP computer. I have no other subject to explore at this time.
Sebastian : Thank you
Sebastian : And your issue with the computer will resolve
Sebastian : Have a great day, David
Sebastian : Take care
Sebastian : Thank you for contacting HP Total Care Real-Time chat support. If you need further assistance, please contact us again at:
Chat support is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
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Sebastian : Please inform me if you have any other issues or you can end the chat session from your end, as we do not have the authorization to end the chat
Sebastian : You can save this transcript and use it for future reference in case whether this issue occurs once again. A window will appear after you end the chat and ask you to save the document. You can click “Yes” if you want to save, or “No” if you do not want to save the document.
David Hobbs : what i was going to say before your last statement, was that i want to save this chat, do not want to lose it when i end the chat
Sebastian : Yes
Sebastian : And note down the activity Id - 914231
Sebastian : for future reference
David Hobbs : So I shall now end the chat. thanx but you almost hand me end this without getting the activity id first
Sebastian : If the issue still persists, please login to chat again and we will be more than happy to resolve the issue for you.
Sebastian : Did you get the activity Id
Sebastian : It is 914231
David Hobbs : yea, so now i end the chat
David Hobbs : thanks again