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KVM Switch Combined with Splitter an Imperfect Solution to two-computers, two monitors setup
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Figure 1 below shows a combination of KVM Switch and Splitter, designed to produce flexibility with regards to interactions between a keyboard/mouse and two computers, and interactions between two computers and two monitors. The solution in figure 1 was suggested to me on November 3 by Gene Barannikov at Microcenter in Cambridge MA.
Mr. Barannikov amongst all the persons I have so far spoken with re this subject, seemed to understand the problem the best; using pen and paper he first created the diagram shown in figure 1. However, his solution is still imperfect.
The problem with his solution is that when the keyboard is interacting with computer 2 which is interacting with monitor 2, the KVM switch forces monitor 1 to display the contents of computer 2 also.
The more perfect solution that I am looking for, would allow monitor 1 to display the contents of computer 1, while the keyboard interacted with computer 2 which sent its signal to monitor 2.
Two different Microcenter/Cambridge salesmen recommended iogear KVM switches to me. I called at 1-866-946-4327 and spoke with 'Joel' at Tech Support. He said that all iogear KVM switches will (not what I am looking for) switch the computer monitor to interact with the same computer the keyboard is interacting with. He said all KVM switches regardless of manufacturer, switch the computer monitor to itneract with the same computer that the keyboard is interacting with.
Figure 1
Table 1
Possible keyboard (KB),  computers (C1, C2), monitors (M1, M2), interactions using various technical alternatives
For example, KB-C1-M1; C2-M2 means that the keyboard is sending signals to computer 1, which is sending signals to monitor 1, while computer 2 sends signals to monitor 2.

w splitter
computer 2
(fig 1 setup)




KB-C1-M1; C2-M2  Yes

KB-C2-M1; Yes

KB-C2-M2; C1-M1

KB-C2-M2; C2-M1

If you develop  the more perfect solution to the problem, I, David Virgil Hobbs, can be contacted at at 781-893-8680.
@2009 David Virgil Hobbs