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Switching Monitor Input Between KVM-to-monitor-output & Computer Output
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Figure 2, below, shows how a switch could act to control whether KVM-Switch-output-to-monitor or computer output is sent to the monitor. This would be part of a larger hardware network not shown in figure 2. The switch would interact with a monitor, a computer, and a KVM switch, and be manually controlled not keyboard controlled; a keyboard would not be connected to it.
Conceivably the switch could be a (alternative 1) KVM switch, or a (alternative 2) VGA switch with SVGA cables (also known as a 'switch-box', or 'video switch'). If the monitor contained two inputs, the switch could be done away with and (alternative 3) the monitor could be switched manually between computer output and KVM output, with for example possibly the computer connected to the VGA monitor input and the KVM output-to-monitor connected to the DVI monitor input.
The success of the solution might be effected by computer graphic card and KVM-output-to-monitor type (DVI, DVI-I, DVI-A, VGA D-SUB analog) compatibility with monitor input(s).
There is an (ignorant?) report on the internet of problems with the (alternative 2) 'VGA Switch Box' solution: to avoid risk of computer damage when using the switch box, one is supposed to shut down a computer before switching away from it, and switch to a computer before turning it on.
There is a report that you can create a (alternative 4) VGA signal splitter that sends signals from two computers to one monitor by using 'gender-changers' to reverse a VGA signal splitter that sends signals from one computer to two monitors. This is supposed to be cheaper than the 'VGA Switch Box' solution, and avoid the problem of having to turn computers on and off.
Figure 2
Switching Monitor Between KVM-to-monitor Output & Computer Output

Connects to

Switches between sending
KVM Output to Monitor, &
sending Computer output to monitor
KVM Output to Monitor
connects to SWITCH 
KVM Switch
connects to
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