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Click here to find shot angle and distance at which ball will fall to 10' high basket
Inputs: Shot Release Height(ic.value): ; Apex(ib.value): ; Basket Distance(iob.value): ;

Shot Angle(oa.value): ;
Distance of Apex (cycle-tested) (ia.value): ;
Basket Distance (cycle-tested)(ob.value): ;
Hidden Inputs
Storage A (sta.value): ;
Storage B (stb.value): ;
Diff log (stc.value): ;
Estimate increment value(eiv.value): ;
timeout value(tov.value): ;
Shot Angle Log(sol.value): ;
Current Shot Angle(csang.value): ;
Distance of Apex Log (cycle-tested) (doal.value): ;
Current Distance of Apex (cdoa.value): ;
Basket Distance Log (cycle-tested)(bdl.value): ;
Current Basket Distance (cycle-tested)(cbdist.value): ;